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Simant Simant Bostock was born in Oxford in 1948. He remembers as a child visiting Pitt Rivers Museum of Anthropology and discovering a world of sacred artifacts, sculptures and magic that was to provide an endless source of inspiration for his work. Shrunken heads, mummies, voodoo-dolls, totem poles, musical instruments, boats, skulls, costumes and feathers, crammed into a labyrinth of display cases. The atmosphere filled with the spirits of numerous tribal peoples and their different cultures.

After leaving school at 15 and a series of boring jobs, he travelled throughout Europe and the Middle East (and later to India and Nepal) returning to England to study fine art and art history at university and to work with autistic children.

Eventually qualifying as an art therapist, he moved to the West Country to work in psychiatry for 10 years before moving to Glastonbury, inspired by its mystical landscape and legends, to develop his own work as an artist, sculptor and photographer. Here he opened 'Spirit of the Ancestors' a small studio producing replicas of prehistoric Goddesses, Celtic Gods, power animals, Celtic crosses, fairies and nature spirits, as well as larger works of figurative art and sculpture which have been exhibited and commissioned in the UK and the USA. He also amassed an extensive photo library of megalithic sites of the British Isles, Ireland & Brittany and his photos have featured in many books on ancient sites. Simant now lives and works on the Hebridean island of Lewis where he has an open studio with displays of local minerals, cabinets of curiosity and a sculpture garden.

"My work as an artist is inspired by the megalithic monuments of Britain & Ireland and their associated mythology. In legend these ancient sacred sites were built by the Tuatha de Danann a mythical race of semi divine beings and for the ancient Celts these places were entrances to the Celtic Otherworld, portals to the land of the spirits and the afterlife. My interest in art has always been in its magical power as a vehicle of spiritual wisdom, transformation and healing".

  • 1969-73 B.A. Fine Art and Art History. Reading, UK
  • 1973-74 Post Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy. St. Albans, UK
  • 1974-76 Head of Art Therapy. Tone Vale Psychiatric Hospital, Somerset,UK
  • 1976-83 Art Therapist. Bridgwater Psychiatric Day Hospital, Somerset, UK

1990 Spirit of the Ancestors   Brigid Gallery, Glastonbury, UK.  
1996 Mythic Garden Chagford, Devon, UK.  
1998 The Messenger Blue Ridge Pottery, Virginia, USA.
1998 Callanish   Georges Room, Glastonbury, UK.  
1999 Spiral Journey   Gallery 12, Glastonbury UK.  
2005 Tuatha de Danann   Rhiannon Gallery, Tregaron, Wales.  
2007 Simant Bostock Sculpture   An Lanntair, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.  

Work currently shown at the Morven Gallery Barvas, An Lanntair, Stornoway and at Simant's open studio on Bernera, Isle of Lewis.